Breeding center with a healthy pig population

The pigs from Lykkensgaard are highly sought after in Denmark and abroad.

Breeding center of Duroc pigs in Kalundborg

Lykkensgaard is one of Denmark’s foremost breeding centers, located on the scenic Røsnæs outside Kalundborg. It is owned and operated today by Ulrik Olsen, who bought it in 2007.​ Lykkensgaard Breeding Center has the breeds Landrace and Duroc, and in 2012 we actually achieved a first place in breeding of the Ducoc breed. The breeding center has existed since 1937 and is one of Denmark’s oldest herds as it originates from the same year.​

Lykkensgaard Breeding Center

At both farms we put genetics and animal welfare at the forefront, so when you buy breeding animals you are guaranteed strong animals with good growth, long durability, low feed consumption, high meat percentage and high health level. It can be mentioned that we at Lykkensgaard have maintained the same health status since 1986​.

Our vision, mission and values

​We want to be the most attractive and credible supplier of genetics to all kinds of pig producers.
We utilize the latest knowledge to create some of the world’s best breeding animals, of consistent high quality.
Through value and security we create success together with the customers.


​Through planning, quiet and safe frames, we do what is agreed.


​We are ambitious in developing genetics, employees and the business.


​Everyone gets and has a great responsibility to take action on what we experience, for both animals and people.


​​We work every day to ensure that our stakeholders are proud of being part of our DNA.

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At Lykkensgaard and Kongestensgaarden we always have time to talk to you. Therefore, if you want to hear more, or have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.