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At us, we focus on health and high genetic quality. Our breeding work concentrates on two breeds: DanBred Landrace (LL) and DanBred Duroc (DD). These two breeds form the basis of the DanBred crossbreeding programme.

DanBred Landrace (LL) is supreme as dam line in the crossbreeding program. The breed combine high fertility, good mothering abilities and high longevity to create the perfect DanBred Hybrid (LY or YL), which is a first cross between a DanBred Landrace and a DanBred Yorkshire. The hybrid is ideal as a basis for the production of finishers.

We use the DanBred Duroc (DD) in our crossbreeding program as a sire line for the production of finishers. The DanBred Duroc features optimum growth, effective feed conversion and delivers premium meat quality. Crossing the DanBred Duroc boar with the DanBred Hybrid sow has a positive effect on the production economy

Landrace: Polte og orner
Duroc: Polte og orner
P1 krydsning: YL polte (krydsning mellem Landrace mor og Yorkshire far)
Gylte: Der sælges kun gylte på bestilling forud.

Danbred Landrace (LL)


Danbred Landrace (LL)

The DanBred Landrace is one of the female breeds used in the Danish crossbreeding programme for the production of YL sows/gilts. The Landrace has a exceptional carcass quality. Because of their high fertility, Landrace sows are often used as dams for YL sows, which are the best hybrid sows for the production of finishers. DanBred Landrace is a strong pig with solid legs. It is known for its high quality meat.

Danbred Hybrid (LY/YL)


Danbred Hybrid (LY/YL)

The DanBred Hybrid is a first cross between DanBred Landrace and DanBred Yorkshire. The DanBred Hybrid is the optimal breed-combination in the sow stock. The DanBred Hybrid ensures high efficiency in the herd by combining the high fertility and outstanding mothering abilities of the DanBred Landrace with the strength and fine meat quality of the DanBred Yorkshire. The DanBred Hybrid’s strength in leg position and body ensure high longevity, which reduces the production costs of your herd.

The DanBred Hybrid sow’s mothering abilities and potential for high milk production crossed with the DanBred Duroc breed’s unique growth potential and high feed conversion produce large viable litters. And this benefits professional pig producers all over the world. DanBred Hybrid ensures your herd’s productivity and profitability. Switching to DanBred brings superior certainty for an optimised genetic yield across your herd. Select DanBred Hybrid if you want your herd to be among the best – and ensure your herd’s future.

Danbred Duroc (DD)


Danbred Duroc (DD)

​In Denmark, there is a long tradition for using Duroc boars as the terminal sire and LY/YL sows as mothers of finishers. Crossing these three breeds enables pig producers to benefit from hybrid vigour which results in optimal daily gain, a high meat percentage and excellent quality meat. For example, DanBred Duroc finishers’ daily growth is about 100 grams greater than finishers from Pietrain boars.

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