Student / Employee

Student / Employee at Lykkesgaard Breeding Center

Get responsibility and a good education

Since we know how important it is to educate students to secure the future in Danish agriculture, we always strive to have a minimum of 4 students at a time. This provides a good dynamic and interaction with both students and educated employees.

​As a student / employee with us, from day 1 you get freedom under responsibility and you yourself help to plan your working day. You build a relationship with other students / employees who are all allowed to try new ideas.

​We work for good systems and order, and we are all ready to help each other as needed.

​As a student / employee you will also be responsible for the daily care of all animal groups with all that it entails, ie feeding, cleaning, treatment, vaccination, relocation, weighing, scanning and daily registrations. Likewise, you are helping to receive a lot of new life every day. You, as one of the few places in Denmark, will get to work with the exciting breeding work and the genetics.

​As a student you also participate in veterinarian and consultant visits, and you come around and fit all the stable sections for about 4 months each place, so you built up a routine everywhere,. and thereby are best equipped for the future.

​Many of our students choose to come back to us after the second internship, which we believe is due to the fact, that we are a spacious workplace with a familiar and cozy atmosphere. We are flexible and work from values such as community, teamwork and stability, and several of our employees have been here for many years. As a student you have the opportunity to stay on the farm if you come from afar.

We want to have, and educate, skilled and satisfied employees. Therefore, we are also proud that in 2018 we were voted Workplace of the Year at VKST’s annual meeting, as well as our former student Marie Fisker in 2016 was named pig student of the year.

​Through our talent factory, we want to skip out skilled, qualified and ambitious employees who are passionate about learning something, and want to take responsibility for the future agriculture.

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